Terms of use

1 - General

Using this website and / or registering as a user presupposes acceptance of these conditions.
This page is owned by SURFKITESHOP.COM All elements of this page, including without limitation, its design and contents are protected by the laws of Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and international treaties relating to Copyright. Unless explicitly authorized by SURFKITESHOP.COM, you may not reproduce, transmit or otherwise exploit the contents of this website in any way.

2 - Information and Prices

SURFKITESHOP.COM reserves the right to modify the commercial offers presented in www.surfkiteshop.com (modifications on products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions) at any time.
All prices of the products displayed on the website include VAT, and the IGIC in the case of purchases made by residents in the Canary Islands.
The selling price of each product / article is visible in its own description at the bottom of the page and / or in the right column of the product / article.
When a product has a discount, it is identified as follows: "discounted sales price included" + "discounted discounted sales price" + "discount percentage".

3 - Forms of payment

SURFKITESHOP.COM offers the following methods of payment:

  • Card: The preparation of the order will start from the notification of the payment of the bank. The payment by card is made in our payment gateway with SSL security system "Secure Socket Layer". The system only supports secure cards so if you have problems to finish the payment we recommend to go to the bank to verify that your card is enabled to make purchases in electronic commerce.
  • Bank transfer: At the end of the order the customer will receive a detail of their purchase, the total amount and the account number where to make the payment. The preparation process will start from the verification of the collection or receipt of the receipt of income. We recommend making this communication by email to expedite the process. This method of payment only accepts payments by bank transfer, NOT BY INCOME IN WINDOW OR CASHIER.
  • Paypal: Gateway integrated in our online platform; Payment is made at the time of confirmation of purchase. Paypal payment has a management fee of 1.95% of the total value of the order.
  • Store Pickup: You can pick up your order in our store, so during the purchase process, you have to select the "Pick up in the store" drop-down box. The forms of payment allowed for this modality are: credit card, transfer, pay pal.

4 - Product availability and order delivery

The estimated delivery period of an order is determined by the delivery period of the articles that compose it.
Items that indicate "In Stock" have a delivery time of 48/72 hours. In the rest of the articles the term of delivery oscillates between the 7 days and the 15 working days. We remember that only delivery items in 48/72 hours will be home delivery and not the collection in store.
In case of exceeding the deadlines provided by order you can revoke your purchase and request the payment of the order.

If in an order both articles in "In Stock" and articles in "normal availability" match, the deadline for delivery will be that of items in "normal availability", meaning that they are not immediately available.

We recommend that in case of requesting an article for a certain date, request us to confirm availability before placing the order. Although the supply chain involves external suppliers and logistics agents, we strive to reduce the delivery time and in case of incident inform the client, offering the most appropriate solution in each case.

5 - Incident resolution and compensation policy

In the event that an order is delayed more than planned or includes a defective item, SURFKITESHOP.COM will inform the customer, making every effort to offer a satisfactory solution. If it is a delay, the new estimated deadline will be informed. If the item or order could not be used due to manufacturing defects, you will be given the following options:

  • Proposal of an alternative article equivalent in price and characteristics.
  • Immediate refund of the amount paid by credit card or bank transfer.
  • Creation of a subscription code for the amount of the item (s) or paid items not available.

6 - Preparation, payment and shipping costs

SURFKITESHOP.COM breaks down the ordering costs in the following concepts:

  • Preparation expenses: All costs for receiving, invoicing, storing and packing orders are free, regardless of the payment method, shipping or the order amount.

  • Shipping to all Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: Regarding the services of expedition by means of transport agency, SURFKITESHOP.COM sends its orders through the transport companies, SEUR, DHL and some destinations through CORREOS. Shipping to all Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, for expenses less than € 500 are variable according to weight and volume of the product, you can view them during the purchase process in the order detail. No shipping costs will be charged on orders over 500 € throughout Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. THESE CONDITIONS ARE NOT APPLICABLE FOR SHIPMENTS ABROAD.
    For orders whose delivery form is "Store Pickup", the customer will not have to pay any amount at the time of picking the order.
  • Shipping cost to Andorra and other destinations in the European Union: Check rates and conditions for shipments to Andorra and other destinations in the European Union. You can see it during the purchase process in the detail of the order. SURFKITESHOP.COM carries out shipments throughout the European Union.

  • Financing expenses: Only in the case that this form of payment is chosen. Derivative costs are borne directly by the customer towards the financing provider

7 - Returns and claims

The private addressee may revoke the consent given within a period of fifteen days from the reception of the request, stating his will by means of one of these options indicating the data relating to the purchase made:

  • Form available on the web: http://surfkiteshop.com/en/contact
  • E-mail with subject "return":
  • Phone: +34 637806616 or +34 610993531

In case of return, the shipping costs will be paid by the consumer. SURFKITESHOP.COM reserves the right to NOT ACCEPT RETURNS in cases where it is appreciated that the product has been used beyond simple verification, presenting evidence of use and / or attrition and / or does not contain all the wrappers and labels Original. In all the orders the cost of the return and the new shipment will be charge of the consumer.

We have complaint sheets available to the client at the headquarters of SURFKITESHOP.COM

8 - Warranty

All products of SURFKITESHOP.COM are guaranteed from the date of the invoice against any defect in material or workmanship for the time stipulated in the guarantee note delivered with them, responding manufacturers and importers as established by Law 22 / 94, which regulates civil liability for damages caused by defective products.

9 - Responsibilities

SURFKITESHOP.COM is not responsible for the consequences that may result from improper use of the products sold on our website.

Under no circumstances will SURFKITESHOP.COM be held liable for any damage or injury of any kind arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

You must indemnify SURFKITESHOP.COM against any damage or loss resulting from your failure to comply with these conditions or the use of the content of this website without prior authorization.

SURFKITESHOP.COM is an e-commerce project. From the team that formed this online store, we respect and encourage freedom of expression inherent in this medium. So we try to improve from the congratulations and suggestions and learn from criticism when these occur. Likewise we also exercise the right to reply in digital forums and other forums where we deem it necessary, and we reserve the right to exercise the legitimate defense of our interests in the event of insults or unjustified attacks against our public image.
If any provision of these general conditions is void or becomes invalid or becomes non-enforceable under applicable law, such provision would have no effect, but only to the extent of that lack of validity, and will not affect any other provision of The present conditions.
These conditions of use must be interpreted and are governed by current Spanish legislation. Any dispute arising out of these conditions shall be redressed before the courts in the courts of the locality that corresponds the address of delivery of the consumer. However, this will not prevent SURFKITESHOP.COM from exercising the right to resolve any dispute in another competent jurisdiction.