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Rrd - Ace V1 - Year 2019

Pads and Fins are Included in the Price

Never worry about getting dealt a bad hand by mother nature when you are holding an Ace! The RRD Ace 5’2” is a freeride, flatwater board, that is fast and planes early, designed to make the most out of the least favorable conditions. Have a blast on small, mushy surf with this new, radical, retro style shape. Need a board for light winds and mostly flat water but also shreds on waves? The Rrd Ace V1 is the right board! The wide outline and moderate volume allow this board to float you through the lulls or pump through a section to squeeze out an extra turn on that knee high monster.

Surfkite Size
  • ACE 5'2" LTE
  • ACE 5'2" UC
  • ACE 5'2" BLKRBN
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Compared to its predecessor, the Pop V2, the new and improved Ace 5’2” has a reduced thickness and thinner rails to really focus on increased maneuverability on the wave. Punch through waves better, gain more stability in white water, hold it together after a late entry off the lip, or sneak into the pocket when everyone is watching with the new ACE 5’2”. 

In addition, the swallow tail and thinner rails will also improve this boards’ pop potential. If learning strapless tricks is on the agenda, then this board will aid in your progression. The added maneuverability gained with this new shape, mixed with the light weight, will allow you to quickly pop off the water while providing a wide surface area to catch the wind and to land those strapless airs! 

If the waves are small, the wind is light, or an easy to use, all-around ripper is needed in the quiver, then this is your ace in the hole!

Features of Rrd Ace V1

  • Lots of curve in the outline from nose to tail to create better maneuvers and wave riding potential
  • Mono-concave hull from nose to tail with slight tail kick release to improve control over choppy water and maximise pop
  • Straighter rocker and nose lift to improve planing potential and top speed creating great pop
  • Reduced thickness and thinner rails to focus on increased maneuverability.

Costruction and Technoligy of Rrd Ace V1

Rrd Ace  V1 with BLKRBN Technology (Black Ribbon)

Talking lightweight kitesurfboards towards a ridiculously light & strong level! The Black Ribbon technology is the first line of kitesurfboards in the world made with Aerospace technology!

The internal EPS core, with only 15 kg density, is extra compact by the use of a special mold. This unique mold creates a perfectly sealed surface where the epoxy resin penetrates the layup at just the right amount, creating the perfect bond between each layer, but not too excessively that would simply add weight and no specific structural strength.

For added reinforcements without significantly increasing weight, a 3 mm PVC foam layer is added on the deck to maximize impact resistance in addition to keeping the structure as light as possible while a full bamboo bottom sandwich layer creates the perfect blend between ding and dent strength on the bottom of the board. The entire structure is then fully covered with a complete layer of 160 grams Biaxial fibers combining a 45° mix between Carbon and Innegra fibers. 

The new Black Ribbon construction provides a lightweight and strong kiteboard while maintaining a significant amount of flex compared to a full carbon layer.

Rrd Ace  V1 with UC Technology (United Cores of RRD)

Maximizing lightweight does not only mean making a light board, but making a light board that LASTS. This is what we accomplished with the new UC construction; the updated & improved version of the LTD technology. The EPS core is re-known for lighter weight/strength ratio and memory compared to PU foam but it has one big limit, it absorbs water in case of a hole or a crack through the laminate.

Fortunately, we have put together the best of the both worlds. In order to accomplish this feat, we have cut a 4 cms wide slice that runs throughout the entire outline of the board and have replaced the EPS external outline with 2 x PU outline slices that are glued to the EPS core. By adhering the PU to the EPS, we have created a 4 cms wide “waterproof” band that covers the entire rail, nose, and tail areas, keeping them totally waterproof in case of a crack through the laminate. 

The EPS core covers 80% of the board and creates a lively and buoyant center while the PU foam slices on the rails cover about 20% of the total foam volume. The PU rail slices combined with the deck and bottom carbon stringers laminated over the EPS core create a fantastic and unique pop and flex feel.

The Carbon net of the previous LTD construction has been modified with the use of a stronger but more flexible net. This new net is made with Innegra fibers, crossed at 45°, and combined with unidirectional, red colored, polyester fibers that keep the maximum flex from nose to tail. To finish the board off, and to keep it looking amazing for a long time, it is laminated with premium UV resistant Epoxy Resin formulated with a 30% Biodegradable mix. The new United Cores of RRD (UC) construction will provide that lightweight, sharp, precise EPS feel with the added bonus of longevity and durability.

Rrd Ace  V1 with LTE Technology (Built Tough, Lasts Long)

The new LTE technology comes straight from the ultimate molded surfboards technology which consists of a high definition EPS core, made with a high definition Super EPS mold, which is then injected with 36 Kgs/m3 density bits. This phenomenal core is so strong that you could ride it on the water without any lamination on it!! The core has heel recesses incorporated into the deck of the boards, thus creating the perfect placement for EVA heel shock absorbers to prevent heel dents. The Full Glass layup makes the board super flexible to ride and really strong to impact resistance, creating unmatched durability.

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Pads and Fins included
Included Accessories
K4 for Rrd Quad Set
30 LTS
5'2'' x 21" x 2"
Construction Available

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