RRD - SEAT PLUS HARNESS Y27 Kitesurf y Windsurf
  • RRD - SEAT PLUS HARNESS Y27 Kitesurf y Windsurf
  • RRD - SEAT PLUS HARNESS Y27 Kitesurf y Windsurf
  • RRD - SEAT PLUS HARNESS Y27 Kitesurf y Windsurf
  • RRD - SEAT PLUS HARNESS Y27 Kitesurf y Windsurf

RRD - SEAT PLUS HARNESS Y27 Kitesurf y Windsurf

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RRD Seat Plus Harness Y27

WS/KITE SEAT RACE | Universal WS/KS spreader bar

Sport: Kitesurf - Windsurf

Size: XS-S-M-L-XL

Colour: Black and Grey

Collection: Y27 - 2022/2023

Include: Knife, Hook Spread Bar Universal

Multi Use: Removable handle / HP tube on back

Harness size
  • XS - black
  • S - black
  • M - black
  • L - black
  • XL - black
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The universal windsurf / kitesurf Seat Plus Y27 harness has a pre-shaped seat part to spread the load over the lower back and seat area. The low hook position brings the pull of the kite / sail close to your center of gravity, so you can handle more power effortlessly, by putting more weight into it. This principle minimizes the pressure on the lower back and abdominal muscles and maximizes stability. The harness is curved around the hips in a natural surf-stance to ensure a good fit that keeps the harness in position.

Seat Plus Harness Y27 specs:

          1. Universal kite/windsurf hook, suitable and safe for both disciplines
          2. Low hook position for a lower pull to handle more power
          3. Go faster

                            Technical Features Rrd Seat Plus Harness Y27

                            • Padded spreader protector
                            • Universal kite / windsurf hook
                            • Low hook position
                            • Neoprene edges
                            • Neoprene inside
                            • Pre curved seat part
                            • Kite leash connectors
                            • Neoprene leg straps

                            Size Chart - Seat Plus Harness Y27

                            What about the last RRD Y27 Harness Collection:

                            RRD’s brand new Y27 harness collection is cleaner than ever, with some brand new innovations and fine tuned classics. From the beginning RRD harnesses focus on rider’s different back shapes, styles of riding, stance and preferred riding conditions. This is how we have developed a range that suits personal preferences. The main variants in the range are firstly, the different stiffness and flex in the back of the harness. A stiffer harness will suit people that are looking for comfort and stability during those fully powered or explosive sessions. A more flexible harness is more suitable for freeride or ‘down the line’ styles of riding.

                            Secondly the RRD waist harnesses have different back shapes with more or less vertical curve. From a curved back, a natural back shape to a flat back, we have the right harness for you. This year we have simplified our range and combined a few kite and windsurf models together into one universal model that can be used safely for both kite and windsurfing. Look for the PLUS models in the collection. The universal spreader bar and hook can be purchased separately too to convert any model into a universal one.

                            A focus on user experience made us simplify our harnesses to become clean and function with high-tech materials and ergonomic shapes. From the spread tow carbon outer shell of the Shield models, the Composite ergonomic back support batten in the Shift pro plus, to a 3D moulded ‘soft shield’ on the Thrive plus models. Most models feature our barpad with stabilizer wings, which slides into the side of your harness, to prevent the hook from riding up to protects your ribs.

                            If you prefer riding waves on your kite, consider our rope sliding bar to convert any harness into a wave riding specific harness.

                            27SPH 45XS
                            33 Items

                            Data sheet

                            Recommended Style
                            KITESURF - WINDSURF
                            Available Colours
                            BLACK and GREY
                            Included Accessories
                            SPREAD BAR UNIVERSAL
                            SEAT PLUS
                            2022 / 2023
                            Temporada - Season

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