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Rrd Global Bar Y27 from 2022 is available in 2 different versions:

4 Lines with 48 cm bar (21 meters lines)
4 Lines with 52 cm bar (24 meters lines)

No need to ‘change any game’ with the release of our new version of the RRD Global Bar Y27.

  • Global Bar Y27 - 48 cm 4 lines
  • Global Bar Y27 - 52 cm 4 lines
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Because of the great history of performance, RRD have kept the new version simple, reliable, and packed with the same great features of the previous versions. But with the Global y27, RRD now take another step forward with new components

The following new features have been added to the RRD Global Bar Y27 of 2022:

  • Rotating chicken loop, that acts as a swivel, to easily untwist your front lines
  • The new simplified safety system flags the kite on the front line which makes the kite de-power 100% in case you need it
  • Standard equipped with a short leash (approx.. 50cm or 20”) to attach on the front of your harness
  • Optional: thicker and longer leash specifically for the handle passing riders

Standard Features RRD Global Bar Y27:

  • A moulded chicken loop finger that has a multiple pre-set position rotor head which allows you to move the finger to any desired position. It’s very easy to move it out of the way for riders that like to un-hook
  • A double chamber de-power rope with safety line is made of high quality indestructible polyurethane which makes the bar slide easy and you will never have to replace it
  • CNC milled and anodised aluminium central bar component with oversized oval recesses to improve de-power tube sliding; even during some extreme steering
  • Test-winning diameter of the bar tube for the best grip
  • Chicken loop safety release system with oversized handle and increased sliding potential of all components to secure an effective functionality over the years. This is the safety release system in the market with the least amount of steel components, meaning longer lifetime and less maintenance
  • Moulded stainless steel safety leash double ring, angled to a position that facilitates safety leash attachment
  • Customised stainless steel de-power rope cleat designed around the double chamber tube, allowing the security line to slide freely
  • Moulded floating side caps injected with high memory EVA which facilitates a better bar grip and increased safety
  • Oversized color coded side floaters that guarantee the floatation of the bar and easy rolling of the flying lines with line-locking system.

In addition to the new features, the ‘RRD Global Bar Y27 2022 is still equipped with special lines called ‘Rigid Thread Lines’. These are used exclusively on the RRD bars with great success for over 7 years. A product that’s now widely tested around the world, but there is little known about the details by kiteboarders.

The ‘Rigid Thread Lines‘ are the result of the collaborations with an Italian manufacturing company that has more than fifty years of experience in the processing of textile fibres, using the most recent and innovative exotic fibres, combined with an intimate knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of dyneema.

Why are RRD kite lines innovative?

Unlike standard braided lines, the unidirectional structure of ‘Rigid Thread Lines’ provides a fiber memory that is significantly more efficient. A standard braided line under stress combines all ‘dynamic elongation’ of the fiber and flattening of the braid, whereas the core unidirectional structure uses exclusively the elastic modules of the fiber.

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Available Sizes
Global Bar Y27 - 48 cm
Global Bar Y27 - 52 cm
Leash and Bag included

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