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Rrd Juice V5
  • Rrd Juice V5
  • RRD - JUICE V5
  • RRD - JUICE V5
  • RRD - JUICE V5


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Rrd - Juice V5 - Year 2019

The fifth version, V5 of the Rrd Juice board is the ultimate wakestyle/freestyle board of our range. Developed and approved by the top riders of our freestyle team; Julien Leleu, Adeuri Corniel, Jerrie van de Kop, Alex Neto and Chris Bobryk. All of them have their own unique style, from Wakestyle to Big Air and from Freestyle to Grinding, but they all agree that the V5 is the best Juice ever made!

Color / Size
  • JUICE V5 40 - 136 x 40
  • JUICE V5 41 - 138 x 41
  • JUICE V5 42 - 140 x 42
  • JUICE V5 43 - 143 x 43
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Your accessory

  • RRD- Kiteboarding TwinTip Single Board Bag - black
    Twintip board bag cover for twintip black colour. Twintip board bags for kitesurf board. It can contain a single table. Ideal for his protection, easy of use and for travel with your favorite gear.

  • RRD - Rad Pad Y25 Foot straps 2020
    Rad Pad Y25 - Año 2020 The Rad Pad and strap system was designed to offer the maximum amount of comfort and adjustability. It was built around an HT Nylon skeleton frame that is molded inside a DUO density EVA core base.The core base guarantees the correct amount of stiffness, a secure hold, and a firm grip. Equipped with an adjusting system that allows micrometric accuracy in all directions and angles, it is possible to trim the straps position, angle, and size to any desired specifications. The EVA cushioned pad base is constructed of 3 different densities. The main pad outline is comprised with mid density, the top pad is a softer grip EVA density, and the third density can vary according to the replaceable heel cushioning option.

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For 2019, a larger biaxial carbon strip has been added on the deck of the board; giving it more rigidity and reducing reverse flex to almost none. What does that mean? This is the stiffest Juice, with the most pop, ever made and it will still provide those smooth, buttery landings. The V5 will keep the characteristic outline of the previous version with the addition of a revised, more narrow, stance option. In case you need to throw doubles like Neto & Corniel, speed is as important as pop! In order to achieve this, we have increased the progressive scoop rocker line which now offers the perfect match between controlled landings and glide speed.
Undoubtedly, you’ll love the Juice V5. Especially if you want an explosive freestyle board that will shred flat water, eat-up chop, and withstand regular abuse from, sliders, kickers, and rails behind the kite or cable, like Chris Bobryk.
Witness the stiffness and find out why this Juice is worth the squeeze! 

Features of Rrd Juice V5

  • Additional Biaxial Carbon strip has been added to the deck; giving it more rigidity and reducing the reverse flex to almost none
  • Increased progressive scoop rocker line which now offers more controlled landings and forward speed
  • Narrower stance settings for ninja spins and smaller riders.

More Features of Juice V5

  • Constant outline shape, this gives you a more rounded pop and smoother curves
  • Hull channels on nose, tips, and mid outline, that propels water across the board and gives it incredible speed, grip, and tracking capabilities
  • HD biaxial fibers lay-up
  • Lamination technology that results in less negative flex and a more rigid bottom combined with slightly more flex from the top. This results in a perfect weapon of choice for your wake style tricks through a more explosive pop, increased speed control and reduced vibration
  • Torsion box; more strength and reduced torsion. The unidirectional carbon reinforcements layers makes the board stronger and stiffer which allows you to pop like a boss as well as providing you more stability and control on landings
  • Upgraded Slick Base for sliding and grinding obstacles or using it as a great cross-over board to the cable park
  • Aggressive curve on the rockerline that gives you a smoother landing and better performance on choppy water
  • Different size breakdown, to cater for every size of rider
  • Reinforced symmetrical inserts, instead of asymmetrical rails, for simple boots adjustments combined with 30% more pull strength and 10% weight reduction
  • More rounded tips for maximum control on choppy water.

Costruction and Technoligy of Rrd Juice V5

The Juice’s special wakestyle lamination is created to give the board maximum rigidity and stiffness. As in all our boards, we use a CNC shaped Paulownia wood core. We then laminate with two layers of unidirectional carbon stringer on the deck and on the bottom of the board. Flex is a crucial point when it comes to wakestyle boards, that’s why we added a special ‘X’ shaped carbon torsion box on the deck, to prevent any twists. On top of that, especially for boot users, we kept inserts instead of slider rails, and added a carbon biaxial insert reinforcement for those heavy landings. Ultimately, the grind base bottom sheet is what you need to make the board last for ever, even after many obstacle sessions.

Specs Juice V5

Model Size Fins Rec.Weight
JUICE V5 40 136 x 40 4 x Juice 2,5 G -10 50 – 60 KG
JUICE V5 41 138 x 41 4 x Juice 2,5 G -10 60 – 75 KG
JUICE V5 42 140 x 42 4 x Juice 2,5 G -10 70 – 80 KG
JUICE V5 43 143 x 43 4 x Juice 2,5 G -10 80 – 95 KG
Fins included in the Juice V5
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Data sheet

Available Sizes
136x40 - 138x41 - 140x42 - 143x43
Pads NOT Included
Included Accessories
4 x Juice 2,5 G -10

questions Ruben on 2021-02-03 04:42:29

Entre la tabla RRD - BLISS Y25 y esta, cual es la mayor diferencia?


Hola, la diferencia principal es el peso. El modelo Y25 es mucho más ligero, algo que se aprecia en cualquier maniobra.

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