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Over a period of 10 months Kai and the entire DOTONE Race Team have developed the WARP_FOIL in our design centres on Maui and Tenerife. We deliberately took our time until the very last day cause foiling is still pretty young and each and every day you find ways for optimisation. This evolution is reflected by the current WARP_FOIL. Apart from the number of battens and cambers, everything is different from the regular WARP and 100% matched towards PWA Foil Racing. The name WARP always stands for maximum performance! Designer Kai Hopf and the entire DUOTONE Race Team have taken up the challenge and have developed a no-compromise foil racing sail from scratch. Countless prototypes have been build to identify and optimise all design features necessary to maximise performance. The outcome is a completely new sail design, which has nothing in common with the windsurfing slalom counterpart except for the materials and components used: a modified shaping with more volume, a higher and forward shifted draft, a slightly enlarged foot area and a tighter leech - absolutely every detail is matched to the lower drag and the more upright stance while foiling. At the center of the latest development stage was the moderate high aspect geometry with a shorter boom and a not too extreme mast length to deliver optimum performance even in gusty, choppy conditions. Foiling and choppy conditions? That's right, because the chop generates vibrations on the foil mast which are transferred to the rig and thus influence the performance of the sail. And that is exactly what we compensate with the new sail geometry. A total of 4 cambers and 7 battens provide a super stable profile and draft combined with sensational acceleration and maximum performance on deep downwind courses as well as tight upwind legs. However the WARP_FOIL requires an experienced sailor rewarding its rider with an incredibly powerful engine and a very good chance to get onto the podium. Sail size vs. wind range: 9.8: 6-15 knots 8.8: 13-22 knots 7.8: >20 knots
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