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RRD - Sekka V2
  • RRD - Sekka V2

RRD - Sekka V2

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Originally named Secca, meaning “thin”, the new SEKKA keeps its thin profile and relatively narrow outline and tail, but has added a bit of foam on the nose width. 5’7” and 5’9” are rounded squash tails, while the rest are rounded pins. The pro board for  when it’s the real deal.

A completely re-designed line of surfboards PROUDLY built in the European Community. The new line incorporates all...

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....the newest and latest shapes available in the market  and developed after accurate selection  over the last 3 years.  We have selected  and developed  only top level shapes that cover a complete variety of surf conditions and riding styles. All the boards are CNC shaped by master European shapers, glassed and sanded by a team of experts that know their job well and have been building surfboards for all their life.

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Ficha técnica

SEKKA 5’7” V3 - SEKKA 5’9” V3 - SEKKA 5’11” V3 - SEKKA 6’1” V3 - SEKKA 6’3” V3
5’7” X 173/4”X 2” - 5’9” X 18” X 21/8” - 5’11” X 181/8”X2 3/16” - 6’1”X18 3/8”X2 5/16” - 6’3” X 187/8” X 23/8”
Box System / Aletas
Volumen (litros)
20 - 22 - 24 - 26 - 28

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