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RRD - Razzle Dazzle 14 V1
  • RRD - Razzle Dazzle 14 V1

RRD - Razzle Dazzle 14 V1

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RRD developed the new Razzle Dazzle14’ board with the help of RRD Sup Race teamrider Jacopo Giusti.   

The concept of this board was born after the big success of the Razzle Dazzle 12’6’’.

After a small run of custom boards entirely made in the RRD custom board factory in Italy, Roberto Ricci decided to start a complete range of fixed sizes.

The new CNC shaped...

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 ...full carbon laminated and totally hand finished Razzle Dazzle line is now ready for the pro racers.

The new 14’ delivers great performances in every kind of water conditions, perfect for flat water and ocean chop.

After a year of testing, RRD is proud to introduce this new sup race monster.

Paolo Marconi won the stage of the European Sup Championship in Marotta (Italy) with this board.

This board will be available in three different width sizes14’x23’’ 14’x24’’ and 14’x25’’.

The streamlining of the nose maximizes the speed and offers trim control in upwind, the large top surface of the tail is covered by a thin layer of anti-slip for perfect grip during the extreme buoy turns.

The new 14′ has a special hydrodynamic prysm nose which allows to cut through the waves without drag, just like the Razzle Dazzle 12’6’’.

The zero concave of the bottom makes the water flow fast without interruptions, even at the end of the stroke, when the paddle is at the extraction moment.

Thanks to the large surface, the square and massive tail guarantees acceleration and comfort in downwind racing.

RRD introduced the basin on the standing area for this new board, this kind of technology lowers the center of gravity, which ensures more stability and maneuverability.

The stability is controlled through the square rail, which is much more pronounced at the level of the tail and in the whole area of the paddle stroke zone.

The  special crocodile sectorial pads guarantee lightness because they are positioned only in the useful surf areas.

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Ficha técnica

V1 LTD – 14’0’’X24’’ - V1 LTD – 14’0’’X25’’
14’0’’X24’’ - 14’0’’X25’’
Box System / Aletas
Volumen (litros)
270 - 280
Peso (KG) ±6%
11,2 - 11, 5

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