RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe
  • RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe

RRD - WIND WING Y27 Stripe

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RRD WIND WING Y27 Stripe Year 2022/2023


Construction: Dacron - Canopy en 45 degree Diamond Grid - 3 Handles

Available Size: 2.8 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.2

Includes: Carrying bag and Leash

Colour: Black White and Orange

Wing Size
  • WING 2.8
  • WING 3.5
  • WING 4.0
  • WING 4.5
  • WING 5.0
  • WING 5.5
  • WING 6.0
  • WING 6.5
  • WING 7.2
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Dreams come true with the wind. Wing foiling has captivated us, and we are drawn towards the evolutionary challenges of flying over the ocean. This journey has now led us to develop an improved and completely redesigned wing. Power distribution sits at the heart of the development of our new Wind Wing. Our focus was on stability, we wanted the power concentrated in the center to reduce any unwanted pressure on the wing tips. The result is a powerful but perfectly controllable wing, with insane amounts of boost on tap when you need it.

The new Wind Wing is a premium piece of gear, intricately designed to take your riding one step further. The dual valve inflate / deflate system allows the leading edge and strut to be inflated separately. The strut can be inflated to +1 PSI higher than the leading edge, allowing for an even stiffer wing. Our revolutionary new diamond grid sees the overlapping of two layers of 2D ripstop oriented at 45° which creates a grid over the entire canopy, minimizing fabric stretch and ensuring the best performance over time. Finally, new longer handles are the perfect choice for all styles and levels of riding. We have developed an extensive range of sizes to suit the needs of every rider and all conditions, with wings available from 2.8m to 7.2m.

Creating connections between the wind and the water has never been so exciting.

Features RRD Wind Wing Y27

  • Central power zone -> enhanced boost and control
  • Arched leading edge design -> compact shape and performance
  • An extensive range of sizes covering all needs from 2.8 up to 7.2
  • Double inflating / deflating valve -> stiffer and quicker to deflate
  • 45° diamond canopy -> reduces long term fabric stretch
  • 3 long handles -> easier in maneuvers
  • Wide Windows -> greater visibility
  • New light safety leash with neoprene wrist band
  • Delivered in a padded and functional back pack

¿Why to buy the wing foil sail Rrd Wind Wing Y27?

        2. EXTENSIVE RANGE FROM 2.8 UP TO 7.2

                        Rrd Wind Wing Y27 Specs

                        WING WING Y27 2.8 248 28 - 45 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 3.5 273 23 - 35 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 4.0 290 18 - 30 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 4.5 308 16 - 26 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 5.0 326 14 - 22 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 5.5 344 10 - 20 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 6.0 365 9 - 18 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 6.5 380 8 - 16 STRIPE
                        WING WING Y27 7.2 385 5 - 14 STRIPE

                        HANDLE: 3 Long handle

                        Rrd Wind Wing Y27 s recommended for:

                        Technical specs Wind Wing Y27 (more details in the image)
                            1. CENTRAL POWER ZONE: A thicker profile in the central area is the key driving factor in its design. All the power is directed on the strut handles and you won’t feel any instability coming from the tips. This feeling of balanced power will make you progress easier.
                            2. ZETA STRUT SHAPE: The central strut shape is designed to widen the distance between the strut and canopy. More leverage improves the overall performance of the wing.
                            3. ARCHED LEADING EDGE: The leading edge is perfectly arched to the tips of the wing for an explosive response. The feeling is that of being pulled by lots of power once you exploit its full potential.
                            4. LONG HANDLES: 3 semi rigid long handles positioned on the central strut for better and easier maneuverability. A unique and comfortable feel, the long handles are ideal to ease your learning process at all levels of riding.
                            5. DOUBLE INFLATING / DEFLATING SYSTEM: You get a better and quicker system to inflate and deflate your wing. We have optimized the stiffness of the whole body by separating the leading edge and strut. The double valve inflating system allows to inflate at a different PSI the leading edge and central strut to obtain an extraordinary feel once riding it.
                            6. 45° DIAMOND GRID: The diamond grid is a structural reinforcement created by splitting each panel of the body of the wing with a diamond outline in order to prevent bias stretch and distortion of the 2D TECHNOFORCE ripstop fabric. The Diamond Grid creates a real effective protection that minimizes fabric stretch ensuring the best performance over the time. This innovative technology avoids the loss of tension that typically occurs due to prolonged use keeping the best balance load of the wing. The diamond grid also creates higher strength and rigidity resulting in greater power combined with stability of the profile.
                                      Wind Wing available in:

                                                67 Items

                                                Data sheet

                                                Recommended Style
                                                WAVE FREESTYLE / RACE HI PERFORMANCE
                                                Available Sizes
                                                2.8 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.2
                                                Available Colours
                                                BLACK - WHITE - ORANGE
                                                2022 - 2023
                                                Temporada - Season
                                                Y27 - Y28
                                                WIND WING
                                                WING FOIL

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