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The Evolution is the ultimate freeride sail to get you moving quickly and effortlessly no matter what the board. Optimised for low end early planing, but with great control and ease of use at the top end. 

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A high amount of negative leech curve helps to keep the power centred low down in the sail and allowed for a subtle decrease in the aspect ratio to give additional low end. 6 battens in the larger sizes (>6.3) for stability and drive, and 5 battens in the small sizes (<5.7), for improved manoeuvrability, means that no matter what the wind, you have the perfect balance. [show_more]

John Skye NOTES

“Our longest serving sail now in its 10th generation and consequently the most refined sail in the line up. The Evolution is particularly good at static planing, which can be explained best as planing without effort. No need to pump the Evolution, as the soft easy power will pull you onto the plane quickly and efficiently.”

d the FOILBOX which is a specially reinforced deep Tuttle box design to be used with both standard fin and hydrofoil to allow you to multiply your sessions and always get your best out of it. Provided with 2 different fins, the 40 and the 44, it always behaves properly in all various conditions.

The Firerace is a pure race winning machine provided at an affordable construction!


  • Effortless gybing
  • Earliest planing slalom boards in the business
  • Sensational top-end speed
  • Innovative cut-out design giving an increased control and better acceleration
  • Moderate nose deck concave for increased control and weight saving
  • Equipped with the FOILBOX for both hydrofoil and standard fin to multiply your sessions


PS/ HD Glass/ Wood sandwich skin on top and bottom with a Glass crossed fibers laminated in Single Shot moulding process.

4.4 406 160 5 RDM 400 ADJ. ORANGE 23E 344.4
BLUE 23E 354.4
5.0 426 173 5 RDM 400 ADJ. ORANGE 23E 345.0
BLUE 23E 355.0
5.7 436 186 5 RDM 430 FIXED ORANGE 23E 345.7
BLUE 23E 355.7
6.3 451 197 6 RDM 430 FIXED ORANGE 23E 346.3
BLUE 23E 356.3
6.8 464 204 6 RDM 460 FIXED ORANGE 23E 346.8
BLUE 23E 356.8
7.3 472 211 6 RDM 460 FIXED ORANGE 23E 347.3
BLUE 23E 357.3
8.0 585 220 6 RDM 460 FIXED ORANGE 23E 348.0
BLUE 23E 350.8
23E 356.8