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Kite Duotone Neo Sls 2023

Season: SS23 Year 2023

Construction: SLS;

Styles: Wave

Color: C03 coral / C04 mint

Size: 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12

Include: Kite, Bag and Duotone fixing kite

The best wave kite on the market got the SLS treatment; stronger, lighter, and superior, with Penta TX and Trinity TX combining to make a super light and durable kite. With incredible drift, dynamic turning, and a huge range, the Neo SLS is the only kite to take on the water if you ride a surfboard.

Kite Size
  • 05.0
  • 06.0
  • 07.0
  • 08.0
  • 09.0
  • 10.0
  • 11.0
  • 12.0
Kite Color
  • C03
  • C04
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The Neo SLS has blown away the wave riding community, taking an already ground-breaking and market-leading kite, and pushing it to new heights. Penta TX combined with Trinity TX and a new Hybrid Flex Strut create an incredibly light and durable construction that weighs up to 15% less comapred to a regular kite, making the Neo SLS so responsive. and takes the drifting capabilities to new levels. When you may have dropped a traditionally manufactured kite, the Neo SLS will keep drifting, allowing you to pull off your moves on the wave easily. The new Hybrid Flex Strut ensures that the legendary dynamism of The Neo SLS is even further improved; new material combinations have been used for better performance. The kite has been tuned so precisely that the percentage of flex material in the tip struts decreases as the size increases. E.g., a 5m is more flexible in the tip struts, comparted to a 12m; this gives more rigidity and stiffness to the larger kites where power is a priority and makes the smaller kites even faster. When the kite is depowered, and you have the bar pushed away, the kite still handles and steers, allowing you to ride the wave without losing any control. With multiple settings on the tips, you can also tune the kite to the day's conditions; having a flatwater strapless freestyle session, set it for maximum pop and powerful loops if you dare. Shredding the waves, tune it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed. The Neo SLS is the epitome of a wave kite: fast, with incredible drift, instant relaunch, and very durable. If you want to ride a surfboard this year, the Neo SLS is the kite for you; no matter your riding style or the conditions, it will perform to the highest levels beyond your wildest imagination.

Features Duotone Neo SLS 2023

Incredible Drift: The Neo SLS is famous for its incredible drifting abilities; the SLS version is up to 15% lighter than the standard version allowing the kite to float down the line like never before.

Incredibly Dynamic Handling/Hybrid Flex Strut: The turning speed of the Neo SLS is exceedingly quick, and the SLS version takes things up a level. The new Hybrid Flex Strut allows the kite to twist and change direction quickly, and the lightweight construction reduces the kite's accelerated mass, making it faster and more responsive.

Responsive Steering even when depowered: This is one of the unique and enchanting features of the Neo SLS, its ability to be direct and dynamic, even when the bar is pushed out, and the kite is depowered. This feature allows you to ride the wave how you like without thinking about bar and kite control as much.

Incredibly Powerful with Massive Depower: The range of the Neo SLS is legendary! It has a huge bottom end, meaning you can get going on a smaller kite before other riders; this, coupled with impressive depower, has you out riding for longer when the wind picks up, and you can get away with a smaller quiver.

SLS Construction: The SLS construction helps reduce the overall weight of the kite and improves performance by making the frame stiffer. In addition, materials like Penta TX and Trinity TX make the kite light while offering excellent durability.

Geometry tuned to size: The larger kites have been designed to use a wider arc and have less sweep in the tips maximising power, while the smaller sizes have more sweep and a narrower arc with a focus on manoeuvrability.

Especificaciones Neo Sls 2023

Neo Sls 2023 is recommended for:

+6 WARRANTY available for Neo Sls 2023

Register your new Duotone for free on our Kite Shop Online within 60 days of purchase and receive an extended warranty of 6 months beyond the legal warranty period of your country! *Kite, Board and/or Bar up from 2018 or later

The Neo Sls 2023 is available in: 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12 sqm
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Data sheet

Available Colours
coral - mint
5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12
Construction Available
Sls - Strong Light Superior
Temporada - Season
Year - Año
Product Model
Neo Sls

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