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The Compact series is our greatest innovation to date, providing a complete sail quiver and rig that fits in a back pack for easy storage, easy travelling and easy handling. The Compact Wave is a high performance fully...

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...functioning windsurf rig which offers 100% performance with zero compromise.

Simply choose your rig components, whether it is wave HD or Wave Pro. The rig components include the mast, the boom, the extension and a back pack to fit everything in. Then select your sails of choice. Each backpack can fit 3 sails inside, so whether you just want the one sail or the full quiver, the Compact series offers you the flexibility to design your perfect quiver.

Once your quiver is set the world is your oyster. Whether it’s airline travel, easy storage, or convenience, having a complete quiver ready to go at an instant will revolutionise your world.

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