RRD - Global Bar V7
  • RRD - Global Bar V7
  • RRD - Global Bar V7

RRD - Global Bar 20 m lines

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The RRD Global Bar with short lines, 20 meters of lines, is an unbeatable bar, backed by a long history of performance, durability and reliability. A simple bar that works. Every day and for a long period of time. The Global Bar 20 meter lines has been designed around the idea of safety, functionality and durability. Includes security leash. It is recommended to be used for strong winds, for wave riding and catching waves and also for kitesurfing schools and for children. The short lines of 20 meters of the Global bar Rrd, reduce the wind-window of the kite and give you more deepower in with strong wind and also for very light riders of weight. It is highly recommended in waves due to the speed increase of the kite...



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... when crossing the flight window to avoid annoying jerks or losing waves due to too slow movement of the kite.

Lines in 100% Dyneema will always be visible, technical, compact and rigid throughout their life, keeping all their physical and technical characteristics unchanged over time.


Unlike standard braided lines, the unidirectional structure of the RRD lines offers a fiber memory that is significantly more efficient. A standard braided line, under stress, leads to a dynamic stretching of the fibers and to a flattening of the braid, while the unidirectional core structure of RRD uses exclusively the elastic moduli of the internal fiber and not that of the cover.


The Global bar with 20 meters of lines works on all kites, regardless of the year of production, measure or model, but it is necessary to have a medium knowledge of trimaje to be able to adapt perfectly to your kite and get the most out of it.

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Global Bar 20 Meter Lines