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Rrd Airwindsurf Wave y Freeride 95 liters

The RRD inflatable board is a true freeride float with rails made protruding and stiffened by the addition of a hard rubber band under its hull. More than an inflatable machine, the Airwindsurf delivers handicap-free planing driving.

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A Tuttle box equips the float and allows to hold a 42 cm fin. The set is still softer than a composite fiber board, but it is more than enough to fill the planing gaps. Housed in a backpack at the bottom of your sailboat's hold, with its collapsible rigging, Airwindsurf is a decent alternative to the lack of space.

Technology Rrd Airwindsurf Wave - Freeride

We have developed our inflatable technology with the new entrant freeride board. Excellent results are guaranteed also with the FSW inflatable.
– The 3x Sandwich Dyneema belts means stiffness and performance.
– The Exclusive ITB or Integrated Tuttle Box system eases easy planing and accelerations.
– The SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile is our idea for the best possible water release and directionality.

Caracteristicas  Rrd Airwindsurf Wave - Freeride

Price (in €): 1399.00

Length (cm): 250

Width (cm): 60

Weight (kg): 6

Construction: Air

Fin: RRD freemove 42 Powerbox

Case: PB

Number of fins: 1

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questions Dieter on 2021-07-06 11:46:06

What is the difference between Airwindsurf freeride v and wave? What are the characteristics of the wave model?


Hello! The Airwindsurf Freeride, is more appropriate for to do freeride windsurfing, is 150 liters (at moment is not available in stock, it will arrive soon in y25/y26 version. The Airwindsurf Wave "Freeride Wave" is more appropriated for wave riding, but most of our client will use for freeride too. The different is not only the shape, but is also with less liters, 100 liters for to be exactly.
Both are really good inflateble board and all our client are really happy with them.

Thanks to write us!

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