SAFE - 33 KNOTS 10'
  • SAFE - 33 KNOTS 10'
  • SAFE - 33 KNOTS 10'
  • SAFE - 33 KNOTS 10'
  • SAFE - 33 KNOTS 10'

SAFE - 33 KNOTS 10'

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Inflatable Air Sup ans Air Windsurf  Board Safe - 33 Knots 10'

The Best StandUp Airsup and Airwindsurf convertible

The Pack include in the price: Board, Fins, Bag and Repair Kit

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Sup inflatable board Safe - 33 Knots 10'

33 KNOTS 10′ is a versatile stand up paddle that can be used both as a sup board to paddling in the water or to windsurf when there is wind. The sup board is equipped with a universal M8 jack on which you can mount any windsurfing shaft. And of a system of two removable fins with Fin Box system, with a central unit that functions as a drift and a aft for direction. This sup board offers exceptional navigation and maneuverability performance in light and moderate wind conditions. It’s the perfect sup board to learn with ease and windsurfing in complete safety. Very maneuverable, fast and light! Its size 10′ is the standard measure at the reach of everyone. It is the only sup board for the whole family that meets the needs of everyone, with the extra chance of windsurfing when there is wind. Its 34″ wide make it a very easy sup board for anyone wishing to paddling or lift a windsurf sail, even for the first time. It is ideal for schools. Also, the 6″ thickness increases rigidity and buoyancy of the shoulder , and it’s easier then to paddle and windsurf! The sup board includes a backpack with the SAFE logo, a repairing kit, a SAFE double flow pump  with air gauge which inflates up to 1 Bar, one removable central fin with Safe logo ad two fixed fins.

What's included in the Airsup Board Safe - 33 Knots 10'?

The KIT provided with each SAFE sup board includes:

1. A backpack nylon with the SAFE logo, light and resistant with un upper fastening zipper. It is equipped with 2 adjustable, wide and stuffed straps and with 1 waist stuffed belt with adjustable buckle in order to ease the transport. Moreover, the backpack is equipped with two stuffed handles which transform it into a comfortable travel bag. It is spacious inside and it can easily contain the sup board, the pump, the repairing kit, the paddle that can be dissembled and various other useful tools.

2. A repairing kit which includes n°1 tube of special glue for PVC, n°3 PVC patches, a key for valve disassembly.

3. A patented double-flow SAFE pump with air gauge for the inflation of the inflatable sup boards , with the possibility of inflating up to pressure 26psi. The pump has a slightly elongated shape , is very robust and has the aluminum shaft ; these characteristics make it suitable to inflate a table in 4/5 minutes of time allowing a minimum of effort. CAPACITY_ 1.8+1.8L, max. pressure 26psi as DIN EN 16051 CHARACTERISTICS_  seals and anti-sand filter for long life of pump and sup board, high-airflow piston for an easier inflation, switch tap for double/single action.

4. A waterproof and underwater case for mobile phones, ideal for taking photos and videos with your mobile phone above and below the water surface without the need for an extra waterproof camera and without damaging your mobile phone.

5. A central fin with logo SAFE  made  of black plastic material of excellent quality, which can be inserted in to the box fin system.

6. Two slide fins made of black plastic material of excellent quality, which can be inserted inwith Click Fin System compatible with FCS 2 system.

Featured Air Sup Inflatable Board Safe - 33 Knots 10'


LENGTH_ 300 cm / 10′

WIDTH_ 86 cm / 34″

THICKNESS_ 15 cm / 6″

VOLUME_ 270 litres

WEIGHT_ 13,9 kg +/- 10%


COLOUR_ Yellow/Blue

RIDER WEIGHT_ Up to 140 kg

HOW TO USE IT_ Windsurf, all round, fitness, all family

Recommended use for the inflatable Air Sup Safe - 33 Knots

WAVE 20%




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Data sheet

270 Liters
10' x 34'' Feet/Inches

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